About Us

TASA at UMCP is dedicated to develop and maintain Taiwanese/Taiwanese American student life and organizational relations at the University of Maryland - College Park, as well as developing relations with Taiwanese/Taiwanese American communities nationwide.

Mission Statement

At TASA, we aim to provide these functions:

1. Awareness

Promoting awareness of Taiwanese/Taiwanese American culture, language, history, and current affairs

2. Liaison

Serving as the liaison for the Taiwanese/Taiwanese American individuals at the University of Maryland, College Park

3. Forum

Providing the forum needed for the exchange of information, ideas, and feelings among individuals of the Taiwanese/Taiwanese American community

4. Inform

Inform students/members at the university on the various political views in the Taiwanese community

5. Support

Supporting social and educational events and developing programs that will benefit the Taiwanese/Taiwanese American community as a whole

6. Strong Relationships

Developing a strong relationship with other organizations at the University of Maryland, with the University Administration, and with other organizations nationwide, in order to communicate and fulfill our needs and goals

Big/Little System

We are an organization committed to making everyone feel welcome so we have very our own big/little system. Every new member of TASA will receive a veteran TASA member as a big who will serve as a mentor throughout their college career and help them become acquainted with TASA. The big/little system is an integral part of TASA that helps us form the TASA family that we pride ourselves in. At the beginning of every school year, we host a few big/little GBMs so that new members can meet current members and choose their big.

Clarissa big little
Nathan big little
Sam big little
Stephan big little
Justin family tree

Family Tree

Dive into the past and explore your lineage. Check out this interactive tree to see years of TASA Big/Little tradition

Junior Officer System

Want to work with the ones who make it all happen? Want to join the planning of events and meetings?

Members of TASA can apply to become junior officers of TASA. To qualify and maintain membership, members are expected to reguarly attend weekly GBMs, help lead planning for events, attend a few board meetings, and be role models for the rest of the organization.

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